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Are you a current student of FLC struggling with Grammar? Join our small group tutoring session free of charge. Drop us a mail including the points you would like to revise, we will match you with other students and invite you for a 1.5hr lesson to help you with your progress! Fantastique idée, n'est-ce pas? (^_^)v




Learn to speak French in London with friendly teachers !


       At  French Language & Culture School - FLC - we cultivate a relaxed and proficient atmosphere by keeping our groups as small as possible. If you enjoy your classes, you will learn quickly and happily. We want to ensure that.

       Most language schools offer groups from 10 to 15 people but we make sure our groups have a maximum of 7 students. We know that the key to learning a language is to speak and live the language and through our techniques and small group size, we can guarantee just that. Even with our small groups our prices are still very competitive. 

       Now, due to requests from many of our business clients and students, we are also offering Language Training & courses in German, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish in London


                                         Our Classes & Training Programmes

        At French Language & Culture school - FLC - we ensure that you learn French.   If you live in London and want to learn French in a friendly and stimulating environment, join one of our French group courses or enjoy our French Tuition with a friendly yet highly experienced teacher !  



      If you are a company or business willing to expand your team's skills, we are happy to provide you with  Corporate Training for all your needs as we have been successfully trained some well-known companies in Central London for their team's next career move.


Do you enjoy learning with others? We have Evening classes and Day-time classes available to match your schedule.


You prefer maybe to follow your own pace? Then private tuition is for you.


We provide 1-to-1 private tuition for children from age 5 to get them started for the first time in a foreign language or consolidate what they learn at school.

Our teachers also prepare your children and teenagers for  their exam (GCSE, A-Level, AS, DELF Junior...)



Our style


        We can provide you with a wide range of audiovisual materials to prepare for French exams, business or for everyday purposes. As well as our classes we use the latest technology, including Skype, all designed for fitting around busy work schedules.

         All our French classes are taught by native French speakers/nationals fully qualified and experienced in teaching French as a foreign language and well versed in cross-cultural issues.

        We teach all aspects of language: grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension, writing, compositions, discussions, idioms and pronunciation.


       One of the most important elements for us when teaching a new language is to immerse our students in the language and encourage them to interact as much as possible. We provide social evenings in French, such as wine tasting, cinema and literary evenings to help practise your French in real situations.

 ° Come meet us over a cup of coffee or tea for a free assessment ! °


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