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Simple comme “Bonjour” !


After many years of teaching French as a foreign language, Marie Movafaghi - the Director of FLC - came up with an original booklet method to help developing learners natural ability to learn.


She has compiled an A5 booklet containing her system of teaching French verbs : a  new way which is fun, effective and proving extremely successful among the students.

This booklet operates on a very simple repetitive pattern that will help you understand the construction of the conjugation, apply it and practice it.


The booklet 1 focuses on  the Present Tense.

The booklet 2 focuses on the Past tenses.


These are the 2 main tenses that you will need to construct other tenses in French.

You can now find them at the European Bookshop ( SW7 4TE, South Kensington station). 
A % of its price go to Research for Cancer and donated to the Royal Free Hospital!


"I find the books very useful and practical, both for revision and repetition of specific verb tenses but also to understand construction as a means to teach myself how to conjugate new verbs that I come across. The books are small and easy to carry, so I keep one with me for down-time practice!"

Lorilee, adult learner, lawyer


"I reached a point with my french where I had stopped making as much progress as I'd have liked, I was encouraged to go back the the FLC verb booklets 1 and 2.  I was reluctant at first as had used them at the start of my journey and forgotten about them, thinking I didn't need to use them anymore.  
Since working through the booklets again I have noticed such a difference in my progress, I use them on the tube and practice when I can, much better than Sudoku or Instagram!  I alternate the books and do all the exercises including writing out the phrases, I move from booklet 1 to booklet 2 and just keep practicing. They are simple, effective and rewarding to do, I also find it quite relaxing. If your french has plateaued I can definitely recommend getting back to basics and picking up the booklets.  It has boosted my french and my confidence."
Josephine, adult learner

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