We will train you and help you for your next career move.


FLC has been working with several well-established companies in London and have prepared dozens of professionals for their next career move or  their relocation abroad. All our teachers are highly qualified and experienced and will ensure your goal is matched by the end of the training. 

If you wish to learn from your cosy office or home, we also provide Skype  lessons from professional teachers in in French.



For Corporate Training in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, Arabic and German, click here.


experienced teacher for Skype French lesson, london, central london, NW, swiss cottage, hampstead, belsize, finchley road Cheap friendly French Skype lesson with experienced teacher




Private lessons: £45 an hour

Groups of 2 : £50

Groups of 3 to 6 : £55

Online lessons : £35/hour


Le temps c'est de l'argent!

We focus on teaching the specific vocabulary used in finance and business so you will be able to speak confidently and knowledgeably to your clients, which could prove to be a deal breaker!

Whether it's small talk or talking big numbers, your increased ability to communicate should earn you respect and much more!

Au nom de la loi

We understand the importance of using the right terminology within the legal industry.  This course focuses on the specific vocabulary needed within your profession in order to negotiate with clients and resolve international cases.

Vous êtes entre de bonnes mains

This class will benefit people involved in the Healthcare Industries and equip them with the appropriate vocabulary to discuss ailments and symptoms and how to handle an emergency situation.

Oui Chef!

This course is tailored to anyone working within the Hotel & Restaurant Industry where one has direct contact with foreign guests. INot only this will highten your chances of working for selective institutions, but you will also impress customers. 



 We also offer Specialised French courses for business, work, holidays, home buying 

(estate agents, bank a/cs, tradesmen), A1, A2 for Canadian immigration, 

preparation for offical exams, CV, and interviews. 

Contact us on this matter.



Finchley road, belsize, swiss cottage, hampstead French class cheap fun efficient Fun friendly affordable French class in North West London


Students are always curious about the potential length of their language study.


The earlier you start your training before you are assigned to  a French speaking country or a project in which you will need mastery of the French language, the better.

We currently work with several companies, training professionals from various fields of specialty to help them reach an operational level of French within a limited amount of time.

Depending on your personal investment in your own language training, you can hope to reach an Elementary level within 30 hours of Teaching. This enables you to communicate already in French on everyday life's topics.


You can reach the Intermediate level of French in an average of 80 hours. Of course, every student is unique and has their own pace. Generally speaking,  if you have studied or speak different foreign languages, you can reach the same level on a shorter schedule.



NW central london, hampstead, swiss cottage, finchley road, belsize, camden, cheap, affordable friendly French class Efficient friendly professional French lessons in Central London
I studied with FLC for 2.5 years before moving to France, in group classes and 1-1 tuition leading up to the move. I now live in Paris where I work for the Foreign Office at the British Embassy, working in French every day, as well as in day-to-day life socialising with friends and navigating complex French bureaucracy (tax, healthcare etc). None of this would be possible without the exceptional tuition at FLC, particularly the support I received from my teachers and the other students in my class, which provided a huge confidence boost. Learning about French culture and the FLC social events along the way were an added bonus.
Elle, Foreign Office at the British Embassy, Paris



 My weekly French lessons are great, Séverine sets a really good pace and mixes up the activities so I'm getting a really wide set of skills and I'm improving more quickly than I expected. The lessons make me feel much more confident about and prepared for my 6 months in Paris.


Rosy, Trainee in London based Law firm

Many thanks for your patience and flexibility. We have truly appreciated this part of the company as well as your professionalism. Sev you have been a fantastic teacher. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with you. 
Rachelle & James, A&E Doctors, London






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